American Politics

American Politics Is Damn Good TV

The Australian political scene is boring. Well, in comparison to the American politics at least. While there are more proverbial knives in parliament than a proverbial kitchen drawer, the drama and blood shed has gotten a bit repetitive. It has gone the way of M. Night Shamaylan’s career, a victim of too many foreseen twists.

Meanwhile, across the pond to America, they are in the midst of their almost two year long process of electing a president. With Barack Obama’s eight year tenure coming to a constitutional end, we are given the extra thick political landscape of the Democrats and Republicans both having to elect their representative for the presidential election. This basically see’s an election inside an election or eleception if you will. Last time this happened, Obama defeated Hillary Clinton and went on to defeat John McCain.

Fast forward 8 years, and Hillary Clinton is back again, but what at first seemed a slam dunk victory is now a close battle with the left wing 74 year old, Jewish internet hero Bernie Sanders. On top of that, an even more un-foreseen twist beyond what even Mr. Shamaylan could predict, Donald Trump, former host of The Celebrity Apprentice and Home Alone cameoer is leading the Republican nomination and is within striking distance of actually winning it.

With the internet at the peak of its powers, this unique political environment has allowed for some interesting spectating. More blood sport than the UFC, this is good fun even for an Australian. Plus, the fate of the world is kind of in the balance.

And there are some interesting sub plots to the narrative. There’s the rise of the Tea Party (conservative extremists) are represented strongly by Ted Cruz, who recently had a soft core porn star appear in one of his ads, the feminist movement being unable to decide if not voting for Clinton means you can’t be a feminist and the youth of America feeling the Bernie Sanders ‘Bern’, which is a refreshing shot in the arm for political action in the youth of America (take note Australia). Along with the debates which are more fun than one would expect with Clinton representing the more middle left and Sanders the progressive extreme left, and the slue of Republicans trying to climb up and stop Trump. Also special mention to Jeb ‘Jeb!’ Bush who is trying to follow in his father’s and older brother’s footsteps with the backing of millions of dollars from Super Pac’s, but is not doing well at all…

It is all making for good viewing, and it’s pretty easy to jump into and catch up on the drama. Or you could just tune into the finale when we are left with the final two contestants and find out who America will give the final rose too.