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Alcoholic Icy-Poles Have Landed in Australia

If you’re like me and have been scorned by spirits, but alcohol is life, you’ve probably become a bit of a wino.

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And as a wino, you’ll understand that the only thing that makes wine better, is celebration wine. Otherwise known as Champagne. You also know that one of the best things about summer are all the excuses for celebratory drinking.

Still counts as a ‘glass’. Source

You’ll be happy to hear then that POPS have gone one better and combined the best thing about summer as an adult (responsibility-free drinking), with the best thing about summer as a kid (sweet, sweet icy-poles).

The result is a new range of upmarket icy-poles, which are basically adults-only Calippos. POPS come in four flavours, two of which are boozy (cue celebratory drinking). We have the Classic, which has half a glass of champagne in it, and the Bellini, which is created out of prosecco and peach schnapps.

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There’s also two non-alcoholic flavours for all you designated drivers: Strawberry and Mint, and Apple and Elderflower, which almost sound yummy enough to make up for the lack of alcohol content. Almost.

UK-based POPS launched in 2014, and will be available for the first time in Australia in December, just in time to take your summer drinking game to the next level.

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