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4 Ways to Get Over Someone You Never Actually Dated

We’ve all had it happen. There’s this total babe that you’ve been ‘talking to’ for a while now, you’ve mentioned them to your friends and you’ve found out they mention you to theirs. Then suddenly, they either go ghost or tell you that it’s getting ‘too serious’, even though you’re completely aware that they don’t do labels. Now you’re left with all these feelings over someone you were seeing but never were officially ‘let’s put it on Facebook’ dating.

Now what?

1. Try not to get too down.

This one is first because it’s the most difficult one. It can be so hard to get out of a cycle of self pity, especially when it’s one that is self induced. You can run laps in your mind, jumping over ‘what if I did..’ and passing ‘well, I shouldn’t have..’, especially if the other person was the one to end it. I’m here to tell you though, although it might’ve been something you did, it doesn’t matter because you can find someone else (if you want to).

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2. Delete them. Off EVERYTHING.

I mean it! Block their number, delete them off Snapchat, unfollow them from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s amazing how easily a social media scrubbing can make it like they were never a part of your life. Although the memories are still there, at least now you won’t be tempted to message them later when you’re 5 wines deep.


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3. Hang out with your friends.

Chances are, if you’ve been invested in hanging out with someone, your poor mates have been shoved onto the backburner. They’re totally aware that you do this, by the way. Now that you’ve decided that you’re single and maybe ready to mingle, your friends will be there with open arms and ready to pour shots down your throat.

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4. Try to meet new people.

It depends on what you’re looking for. Going out clubbing can be the worst or best thing to ever happen to your night. The good (or bad?) thing about clubs is that everything is based on a physical attraction because the music is too damn loud to hear what uni course they’re studying. If you’re looking for something casual, going clubbing is a good place to start. If you’re not, I don’t know how to help you. Maybe go to a bar where you can hear people talk and flirt with that brown-eyed babe sitting alone at the bar. You can do that now.

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It can be scary and very hard at times to move on from a person who was a part of your life for a bit, and then suddenly decided that they weren’t impressed with what they saw. Just  follow these tips and hopefully it might make it a bit easier to nurse the heartbreak.