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Making A Murderer: Judge Orders Evidence Re-testing

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Steven Avery shot to fame (or was it notoriety?) when Netflix released a 10 part series called Making a Murderer.

The series, filmed over 10 years, followed Steven Avery, who was put away due to DNA evidence that placed him at the scene of a murdered journalist Teresa Halbach. Avery and his legal team however have maintained the evidence was planted, because he was in the middle of exposing local town law enforcement corruption.

Recently Steven Avery’s case has been re-opened, with a judge ordering a new and urgent re-testing of all evidence. Avery’s longtime lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, is stoked with the announcement. Zellner has previously requested that independent testing be granted to this case and confirmed that it was allowed on critical pieces of evidence.

You know what this means, yeah? Another new season of Making a Murderer. Get keen.