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Catching a Hunger? Catch These Amazing Pokemon Burgers Instead!

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Sydney‘s burger obsession has reached its peak with some of the most ingenious ideas that will surely make Sydney the very best, that no other city ever was. Because Down n’ Out burger in Sydney have released three new burgers that strike an uncanny resemblance to Charmander,  Bulbasaur and Pikachu.

Pikachu Birgers at Down N' Out. Source.
Pikachu Burgers at Down N’ Out. Source.

Along with their burgers that already induce sweats because you can’t wait for it to come to you, the Pokemon burgers take that to the next level with colour coordinated ingredients and flavours to match. Featuring green, yellow and red buns to correspond to the adorable Pokemon.

The Charmander burger boasts a fiery spice that makes you feel like you are the Ash to his Charizard, while the Bulbasaur burger is extremely leafy – no vine whip needed. And for the Pikachu burger, well it has nacho ears. How cute is that!?

Don’t be sad that your favourite Pokemon aren’t in burger form just yet, as they said that they will be creating more masterpieces in the future, just maybe not Squirtle as it was too hard to make blue buns.

Bulbasaur Burger. Source.

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Hurry in to Down n’ Out burger on 557 George St (Cnr Liverpool St), Sydney CBD 2000 as they won’t be on for much longer, and will end this Saturday, the 3rd of September.