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Asics and Wale Collaborate to Make a Prestigious Sneaker

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Asics have been at the forefront of the sneaker world in the past couple years, pumping out a number of great collaborations and new releases. The brand has worked with boutique stores like Extra Butter and Mita, and have even reached out to a number of music artists, including their upcoming release with hip hop artist Wale.

The Washington DC rapper is no stranger to the sneaker world, and especially no stranger to Asics. Last year he released his first collaboration with the brand, dubbed the Bottle Rocket, which was widely regarded as one of the nicest pairs to come out last year.

Now this year he is back with another amazing shoe which boasts a rich backstory and an amazing colour. The Asics x Wale Gel Lyte 3 ‘IC Champion’ draws straight inspiration and resemblance to the Intercontinental championship that is featured in the WWE and other professional wrestling promotions.

Wale x Asics ‘IC Champion’. Source.

With the iconic blue detailing and the metallic gold plating highlighting the entire shoe, contrasted with the black sole, the shoe has a truly iconic look to match the history of the belt that it is based off of.

WWE Intercontinental Championship. Source.

It isn’t too often that someone, other than a shoe retailer, collaborates with Asics, but the situation has arisen it sure has been a bit hit. Some notable names of other celebrities who have had collaborations with sneakers in the past have been big names like Kevin Hart, Dizzee Rascal and, the god of the fashion world right now, the one and only Kanye West.

This shoe will sure to be a big hit for wrestling fans, Wale fans and sneaker fans, and is the perfect culmination of all my favourite things in one item of clothing. This shoe will be flying off the shelves on the 22nd of July for $160 usd.