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Droppin’ a Double Dissolution

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What better day to announce a double dissolution poll than on Mother’s Day? Probably, any other day of the year.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that there will be a double dissolution election this coming July the 2nd. Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove accepted Turnbull’s request for a double dissolution after the controversy that was sparked by it this year.

In March, Turnbull declared that if the Senate doesn’t pass legislation, he would then call a double dissolution and that is exactly what he did. A double dissolution is similar to a normal election, only the whole Senate goes to the polls instead of only half.

The 55 day election campaign has now started, Malcolm Turnbull and his opposition, Bill Shorten have already made their opening pitches hoping to win over Australian voters. They have also already taken action across social media.


In summary, Shorten has highlighted that the Labor party holds education and healthcare services to support all people, at the heart of their campaign. On the other hand, Turnbull has put a massive emphasis that the Liberal party will provide economic plans to benefit the whole nation.

ABC News reported Mr Turnbull has said it is the “most exciting time to be an Australian”. That remains to be decided, but we’ll leave it up to the vote.