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Lonely The Brave Talk Brand New Sound, Ross Orton and Deftones

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UK alt-rockers Lonely The Brave have emerged re-energised after some much needed time away with new album Things Will Matter in tow. Fans’ first taste of the quintet’s new material was hit single Black Mire and it’s creating a massive buzz in the lads’ native hometown.

The band’s guitarist Mark Trotter told Chattr they’re overwhelmed and humbled by the level of excitement around their sophomore effort – not only from their loyal fan-base but the likes of BBC Radio 1.

“You just never know what will happen when you put a new track out there, especially when it is a departure from the sound that you have become known for,” said Trotter.

“We are lucky to have a great fan-base here who support us and let us grow as a band.”

Their first album The Day’s War is filled with optimistic and heartfelt rock anthems, each track cohesively working together to make one major sound production. Trotter was quick to point out they’re in quite a different place now to when they wrote the first record, which is unmistakably reflected in their music today.

“There have been so many highs and lows on the journey so far and it’s fair to say that the last year has been a difficult one for us for a few reasons, so this has definitely had an effect on the songs and our writing.”

Lonely The Brave’s newest endeavour sees them in a much darker place. There’s an intense and authentic vibe they’ve been building towards that has us keen. Black Mire is filled with emotionally charged lyrics, giving way to an honest and profound performance.

“Dave writes all lyrics and melodies for our songs. It’s fair to say he has drawn on experiences over the last few years from his private life and as such the songs really do give a brutally honest account of the things he has been through,” said Trotter.

“It’s a definite progression from the first record which I think is extremely important. The idea of writing the same record twice scares the hell out of me.”

Working closely alongside producer Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A and Drenge) the band was pushed to their limits, which often meant getting out of their comfort zones. The gents at times found themselves on the verge of individual meltdowns, but Trotter says they’re truly grateful for the opportunity.

“Ross is an amazing guy. He has produced some incredible records and to work with him was a no brainer for us.”

Orton is just one of many well-known faces the fivesome have worked with over the years – Wolf Alice, Bruce Springsteen, but it’s American rock band Deftones that holds a special place in their hearts.

“One of the first shows we did after signing our first record deal was to support the Deftones in Paris. There aren’t many bands or artists that we all agree on as a group, but one of those few is the Deftones.”

Aussies might be able to catch the band live. Trotter says he’s hopeful they’ll get to pay a visit to our shores once the tour kicks off and the album has been dropped.

“Australia is close to the band’s hearts as Dave & Mo have both spent a good amount of time there and I have quite a few family members there too,” said Trotter.

“To be able to get out to Australia would be a huge tick off my bucket list.”

Lonely The Brave’s new album will be available for purchase mid 2016, keep up-to-date with the latest news by liking their Facebook page.