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Warriors Running Rampant

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Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson put on another master class today against the Miami Heat to improve the Golden State Warriors record to 51-5 which begs the question: can anyone stop the Splash Brothers?

Last season the Warriors went all the way to the NBA Championship finals and beat Cleveland Cavaliers in six games in the final series to clinch the title. However, they were far and away the best team during the regular season as well when they finished with a record of 67-15; the highest in the league last season, the highest in the franchise history and the third best record in NBA history.

This season they look not only to emulate that fine regular season form but even surpass it. If they were to do so then they would join an illustrious group that includes the franchise who held the top three best seasons in history, the Chicago Bulls.

Image from 95-96 Bulls season including Michael Jordan (far right) (courtesy of warriorsworld.net)
Image from 95-96 Bulls season including Michael Jordan (far right). source

Led by arguably the greatest player to ever lace up a pair of shoes, Michael Jordan, the Bulls terrorised opposition on the back of his unbelievable skills and a little help from fellow outstanding players like Scottie Pippen and cult figure Dennis Rodman.

Jordan led his team to a three-peat on two occasions, with only his time flirting with playing baseball, separating those wins for the Chicago based outfit, highlighting the true power and presence Air Jordan had on a basketball court.

If Curry, Thompson, Draymond Green and the rest of the Warriors team can even just equal the 1995-96 Bulls record of 72-10 and win their second straight title then we could be on the verge of looking at a new dynasty in basketball, one that not only people today will be talking about but certainly will be talking about well into the future.

Splash Brothers in action (courtesy of pinterest.com)
Splash Brothers in action. source