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Sam Heughan’s reaction to Outlander trailer is everything

Take deep breaths, guys. Deep breaths. It’s only 14 days until droughtlander is finally over and Sam Heughan (who plays Jamie Fraser on the show) has pretty much summed up how we all feel about the new season.

The adorable little tweet was a response to a video of the extended trailer which was posted by @w_network.

So many feels. 

Of course, fans of the series have every reason to get excited about the new season. By the time it airs on September 10, it will have been 519 days since the season two premiere.

To put it into perspective, during that time we saw the premiere of two seasons of Game of Thrones (and we all know how long it took for season seven to finally arrive). And that same season will be over before Claire and Jamie return to our television screens.

But it’s sure to be worth it.

There’s a couple reasons why Sam Heughan (and all Outlander fans) are getting excited about the new season.

Sam certainly read our minds in his tweet. Source.

First, is the inclusion of scenes of Jamie fighting at the Battle of Culloden. Fans of the book know a little bit what happens here. Those of you who haven’t read them and don’t know the whole history of Culloden need only know that it’s pretty intense. 

Secondly, there is a huge time jump in this season. The trailer hints at this heavily as we see shots of Jamie and Claire leading pretty separate lives. How they manage to live 200 years apart without each other is the main focus of this season.

Which leads us thirdly, to their heavily anticipated reunion. Which we just know is going to happen (we’re going to need so many tissues in this season).

The list doesn’t end there. Part of the new season was also filmed on the same set used in Black Sails. Which means ships. And, considering the third season is based off the third book in the Outlander series, Voyager, that means we’re likely to also see our beloved characters going on some sort of – voyage.

Sam – we are just as excited as you are and so, so ready for this.