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15 productive things to do over the winter break if you’re not a white girl going to Europe

Winter break is a welcome sigh of relief after the mass panic we suffer around exam time. But after session is over and there are no more deadlines to meet, our lives can seem a little… boring? Unless you’re lucky enough to be travelling abroad this winter break, here are some suggestions of what to do with yourself when you lose the structure uni provides you. 


Pick up some casual work

It doesn’t matter what it is. It will give you something to do, help you earn a little extra cash, you’ll gain experience, and potentially make new friends!

Plan for next session – classes & timetables

Use this time to have a think about what classes you need to take next session, and select your electives. I usually create a colour coded timetable for the next session with matching colour coded sticky notes and highlighters to use in my dairy and subject outlines.


organise timetable sticky notes university

Mentally prepare yourself for results of this session

Maybe you did really well, and maybe you did worse than you thought, but no matter what grade you got it’s important to reflect on how you did and the way you feel about your grades.

Organise your home

A clean and organised space can improve your mood and the aesthetic of your home. Clear out the clutter you’ve collected over session, donate old clothes, and sell your old textbooks.


Organise June winter break Marie Kondo

Explore your local and nearby areas

You don’t need to travel overseas to have fun! Be a tourist in your own local area. Just google “insert town name here” top tourist attractions, and go off and have an adventure with someone!

Try new things

Do something new that you’ve never done before! For instance, join a bushwalking group, go to a drag queen show, try a new hobby like aerial silks, make something new for dinner, eat out somewhere you’ve never been. Try and add a bit of diversity to your winter break!


fancy restaurant winter break eating out

Co-curricular activities

Pretty much all universities have co-curricular programs to take part in; sometimes these programs run over winter break. Have a look at what your university offers and broaden your horizons by giving it a go. It will look good to future employers that you did something productive during winter break.


Find something you’re passionate about in your community and go volunteer; there’s always loads of charities who would be happy to have an extra pair of hands to help out. This will make you feel good about yourself as well as being a productive member of society and bettering your community.

Go on a date

Whether it’s with your long-term partner or a first date, it’s always nice to take time away from phones and laptops. Switch off, relax, and go have a cute dessert date or a delicious cocktail together!

Catch up with friends

You know how you always say to friends ‘oh let’s hang out during winter break’ but it never happens? Make plans and actually stick with it! You don’t need to spend money to have fun with a friend. Binge some movies or shows together, go for a walk and catch up, or have a coffee at home with them. 


sleepover party friends

Consider reflecting on your goals

Take the time to reflect on if you met your goals this session, and take the time to create new goals for next session. It is important to sometimes take a step back from life and assess your journey and make changes as needed.

Do something you wouldn’t usually for your parents

Take your parents out somewhere nice for lunch as a treat. It is important to connect and spend time with loved ones as you never know how much time you will have with them. Tell them all about uni and your life, and ask them about their lives.

Be a good room mate

Cook a meal, clean the apartment, go out for a drink with your roommate. Do something that will make your roommate’s day and show that you value them. It’s good to let your loved ones know you appreciate their presence in your life.

Binge watch tv shows

Okay ,so this one Isn’t technically productive, but sometimes binge-watching shows is therapeutic and relaxing.


binge netflix winter break

Read some novels!

When uni is on, we spend so much time reading things related to our degree that your eyes barely work when you want to read something non-uni related. Go to the library and pick out some novels to read over winter break; who knows when you will get the chance to do it again in this busy world. 


Whatever you do over the winter break, just make sure you’re enjoying yourself. Have a safe break everyone! 

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