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10 Times Lee Lin Chin Absolutely Owned It!

If the name draws a blank then I’m quietly disappointed…

Lee Lin Chin has been a SBS news reporter for more than 20 years, and in recent years has risen to internet fame. The launch of the Facebook page Asymmetical Outfits, propelled Chin’s bold sense of fashion into the limelight and her Twitter page has been making us laugh ever since.

Don’t believe me? Well here are 10 times she absolutely owned it:

1. Her fashion at the 2015 TV Week Logie Awards was on point:

Source: SBS

2. As were her Tweets:

3. But it didn’t stop there. She’s Tweeting all year around and she’s hilarious:

4. There was that time she read mean Tweets… That she wrote:

5. And when she decided to challenge her rival newsreaders in a fight to the death:

Source: Pedestrian TV
Source: Giphy

6. You can’t go past her incredible editing skills:

Source: Twitter

7. Or that time she was in a commercial for lamb:

8. She cracked us up when she made an appearance on Tom Gleeson’s Hard Chat:

Source: SBS

9. And just two weeks ago she hosted ABC’s ‘Play School’:

10. Now she was nominated for two awards at this year’s TV Week Logies, and her award campaign was in true Chin style: