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10 Things You Need to Know About WWE After the Wrestlemania 32 Fallout

Wrestlemania is over for the year and a lot took place. These are the things that you should know going into WWE in 2016.

10: Over the coming months we will see returning wrestlers from the injury list. Welcome back John Cena, Seth Rollins and Cesaro, just to name a few.

Seth Rollins. Source.

9: We will see rivalries that we haven’t seen before in any promotion. Zayn vs Nakamura was one of the biggest matches we had been waiting for and imagine the excitement for all of the incoming indy wrestlers facing off against the WWE born and bred superstars.

8: A boost to the tag team division through the influx of tag teams developed in NXT. This area has seen a lot of growth over the year with teams such as The Vaudevillans, American Alpha and The Revival. Will we see the next Edge and Christian, DX or even a new staple? Bullet Club *wink wink*.

Ameriacn Alpha and The Revival. Source.

7. More worthy opponents for wrestlers who have been cruising through the weeks. We will possibly see more variety in the teams that The New Day will wrestle with every Monday, and even some more competitors that can be thrust into the fight for the secondary belts like the Intercontinental title and the US championship.

The New Day. Source.

6: Badda Boooom, realest guys in the room! Enzo and Cass have debuted and they are set to take over the roster with an energy that could power all of the country and still have some left to own anyone on the microphone. How you doin’?

5: The Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin, is here to steamroll over the competition with his intimidating presence and a demeanour that will be sure to instill a sense of grandeur in the roster that hasn’t been seen for a while.

4: AJ Styles will hopefully be in the running for the World Heavyweight Championship and that means we will be getting one hell of a wrestling clinic by one of the best wrestlers in the business. He’ll be taking on some huge names and putting on some of the most spectacular matches we have ever seen. 

AJ Styles. Source.

3. The Intercontinental Championship actually meaning something again. Pressure on wrestlers to work for more than just the world heavyweight belt could allow us to see the growth of the wrestlers from the middle card to the upper echelon of the company. It will also allow us to relive the good ol’ days of the IC belt being one of the most entertaining parts of the program.

Razor Ramon with the Intercontinental title. Source.

2: Following promotions to find out who will be joining the company has been one of the most interesting things that has come about over the last couple months. It brings in the surprise factor of new talent and who doesn’t like to see some new faces in the company who we know have some background in top tier matches?

Bullet Club. Source.

1: The elevation of the Womens Title and the role that women play in the sport now. This has been by far the biggest improvement and one of the most exciting things to come about recently as it shows us that women in wrestling are more than just faces and bodies.  They are there to kick ass and take names at the same level as the guys. Scrapping the stupid Diva’s belt and the title all together has improved the division tenfold and makes me excited just being a wrestling fan.