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‘Game of Thrones’, Season 6, Episode 4 Recap: ‘Book of the Stranger’

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Or the hour long episode of ice and fire.

Warning: Spoilers!

We pick up where we left off as Jon Snow tells Edd he will travel south and “get warm”. Edd reminds him of Hardhome and the threat of the White Walkers at their doorstep, and that Jon should stay. But their conversation is cut short by the arrival of Sansa, Brienne and Pod. This is the moment has been anticipated for so long and I swear I was not crying as Jon and Sansa tearfully embraced. Two Starks have finally united and the timing seems right as Jon has almost just about given up his will to fight whereas Sansa is full of steel and determination.

The scene cuts to them sitting together, eating and drinking. They reminisce on their days in Winterfell. “We never should have left Winterfell,” Jon says. Sansa regrets being “such an ass” to Jon as kids, but Jon forgives her. “I wish I could change everything,” Sansa laments.  The mood is slightly lifted when Sansa coughs after drinking Jon’s ale and they have a good laugh. “You’d think after thousands of years, the Night’s Watch would know how to make a good ale”.

Sansa wants to take back Winterfell from Ramsay and proposes to do so the help of the Wildlings. “It belongs to our family, we have to fight for it”, she reminds him, and that they’ll never be safe unless they do so. She will do it alone if she must. We believe her.

Meanwhile, Davos asks Melisandre if she will stay at Castle Black. She is sticking to Jon Snow he is the prince who was promised and she serves him. Davos makes note that Stannis was once that prince and asks about Stannis’ forces and Shireen (he doesn’t know!), they are interrupted by Brienne, who fills him in and says she executed Stannis. She also makes it clear she will never forget or forgive whoever killed Renly, giving the Red Woman a pointed look. Uh oh.

Welcome back, Littlefinger. source

The Lord of the Vale, Robin Arryn, is practicing archery with Lord Royce when Littlefinger returns to the screen. I was wondering what had happened to that little devil. As cunning and full of schemes as ever, he makes a power play to ensure Lord Royce and the other houses swear their loyalty to Robin and in essence, to him. Despite having grown, Robin is still content to let Littlefinger pull the strings and this means, mobilise the Vale’s forces to aid Sansa take down the Boltons.

In Meereen, Tyrion is working to make a diplomatic deal with the leaders of the cities of Slaver’s Bay against the protests of Grey Worm and Missandei. As Tyrion tries to convince them it will work, Missandei asks, “How many days were you a slave?” Despite being a slave for a while, Missandei, a slave her whole life states, “Not long enough to understand.” #burn

Tensions are high